Creating the Message - Efficient Use of Data in Communication

ProSpeech coaching programs create consistence between the idea and the message. They provide necessary tools to create and communicate the message coherently, clearly, with open voice and adequate body language. 

The objective is to help business leaders successfully conclude a presentation, negotiations, a business meeting. All programs are adapted to groups and individuals and are in accordance to international standards.

It is the opinion of the majority of people whose vital part of work is handling information, that American and English newspapers are the best in the world, because you can quickly and easily tell what the article is about. By no coincidence, the most widespread business models come from those same societies.

Throughout the business world, it is becoming increasingly important to emphasize that efficient use and placement of data means faster and clearer communication, which enables more and better business to take place.

This simple sounding mathematic can be surprisingly difficult to apply in countries where English is not the first language, since the people in those societies have been educated to treat the information differently.

To save our clients from those countries time and money and improve the way in which they communicate with their business partners, we have decided to upgrade our standard program, and offer this extra segment.

The Coach: Andrej Klemencic joins the experience of a TV and radio presenter, journalist, editor, executive project manager and business etiquette advisor to the world’s biggest multinationals in order to provide a comprehensive and unique coaching experience.

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